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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

#31 - Support

Just a post of encouragement for you dear,
I hope it'll somehow motivate you as well.
Thank you for today,
Although it's only been a short while,
But it was good seeing you again.
I'd cherish every single moment we spent together,
Every single bit of it.
Jiayou on your studies dear,
I'd be on your computer screen whenever you're restless,
I'd give you all the support you need,
I'd give you the stupid faces I have to make you smile hehe.
Like I said,
I got your back honey,
I'm here for you :) .
Meow. :x

Yes dear,
Now I do :).

I hope you can see my efforts,
Ily :3 .

Always dear,
Hehe :p .

Oh oh, 
Remember this little guy? :x
Hope it made your day,

will only be free after next week,
won't be blogging often still unless I really need to,
sorry again readers ): .
Have a good night! :]

Signing Off.

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