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Thursday, December 20, 2012


The whole day,
Almost every day.


TGIF guys,
It's 21/12/2012,

So bored hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Woke up in the afternoon to sweety's text,
Chatted with her for quite a bit before she had to leave.
The outing to my friend's place was cancelled,
And guess what I did!?

Game the whole day,
Alright enough pretence,
It's a Nay LOL.
So bored!
I feel like I'm gonna grow,
Fat and old and hairy and...
I don't know.
Just by sitting in front of this computer all day long.
At times it's inevitable when I've work to do but,
All I did today was some compilation.
Rest of my time was just,
Game game game.
Been a rather smooth day though,
Nothing much.
Cooked scramble eggs to accompany the oh-so-lonesome marble cake that's in my tummy now for dinner.
Must admit my eggs are the best.
Okay that sounds way off but,
Seriously it's delicious.
Still waiting for someone's text to come.
She's moving to another hotel in Paris so,
Hope there's wifi there for her.
Miss her sooooooooo much.
Gonna go watch some anime and wait patiently for her text till I crash,
Bye guys,
Christmas is coming,
Remember to do your christmas shopping ! :)

Signing Off.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

#50 - Awaiting

"Where are you going?
You belong with me!"


What a day!
Day full of ups and downs.
I'm patiently awaiting for her return,
On the day of a lonely christmas.
Like a snowflake,
Longing to touch the hearts of a wishful child,
From as far from the skies,
Slow but surely,
Drifting down into reach.
I'm patiently waiting.

Been gaming the whole day with peeps,
Lots of League and a little bit of Dota2.
Just can't describe how determination wins the game.
We may feel pretty down when we lose,
But the happiness you get when you win is just tremendous.
But it's still based on luck on who you meet.
Some people are just purely dumb,
Or simply stand-alone,
Accompanied with "world-class" attitude.
In the end,
You just need to fend for yourself,
Just like the real world.
So many kinds of people we meet,
Yet what we're all going through today,
Right here right now,
Is only for ourselves.
The world,
Or rather,
Life isn't about money.
The only reason why I see a clear line between the rich and the poor,
Is the inability to understand each other.
The rich will never be able to experience what the poor does,
Unless there are unforseen circumstances.
The poor will also,
Never be able to experience what the poor does,
Unless they work themselves to the limit and strive for their own goals.
I want to be rich,
Everybody loves money.
I do not detest being in a "not well-off" family,
I'm rather grateful.
The childhood and youth of being in this family,
Taught me things that I can bring forward to my future.
I'd never,
Become a spendthrift even when I succeed in my career in the future.
But in the end,
Who's to say?
No one can foresee the future,
Who know what might happen.?

Alright enough of dry talk.
Had marble cakes and tiramisu for my late lunch,
Played and played and played till approx 1 to 2 am,
Then started watching anime while waiting for girly to text me from Germany.
Gonna go to Giggs's place tomorrow!
Wonder how many of us will turn up.
Oh well,
Time to hit the rags and text someone who showed up so late!
I missed her,
A lot.
Time to get to bed,
I think I caught a cold too,
12 sneezes in a row,
Record breaking for myself.
Nighty nights peeps,
Cherish your days,
Because you'll never know what's installed for you,
Good or bad,
Life is like that,
Live it,
Or die in vain.

Signing Off.

Monday, December 17, 2012

#49 - Reminiscence

I look forward to the time when,
I could spend time with you again.


2:00 a.m. now,
Gonna go to bed after this!
Woke up in the late afternoon today,
Had a reaaaaaaaaaally good sleep!
Prepared and headed out to meet my awesome Primary School mates!

Met up with Christina at Somerset MRT,
Still as innocent and quiet as ever!
Brought her to F21 at 313 cause she didn't know how to find her way there.
Followed up with JonathanLim & YuRu there!
Made our way to Medz, 
A mediterranean restaurant.
Met YanShan and KaiYin there!
Chat for a bit then JonathanThor and DaoShen came to join the parteh!
Waited for JianZhi and as soon as he arrived we went to get dinner!

The restaurant menus had no pictures at all.
Absolutely no idea how the food looks like.
Usually people would have a gist of how it would taste just by the looks of the dish on image,
I pretty much think that it's their marketing strategy.
Everything was overpriced (because the food is just...),
And since people made their way here to dine,
Why not give it a shot?
So yes,
I placed my bet on this dish called, Escargot Paella.
Along with DaoShen with Ham & Sausage Paella,
And JianZhi with Chicken Paella.
For those who're wondering what's Paella,

 There are three widely known types of paella: Valencian paella (Spanish: paella valenciana), seafood paella (Spanish: paella de marisco) and mixed paella (Spanish: paella mixta), but there are many others as well. Valencian paella consists of white rice, green vegetables, meat (rabbit, chicken, duck), land snails, beans and seasoning. Seafood paella replaces meat and snails with seafood and omits beans and green vegetables. Mixed paella is a free-style combination of meat, seafood, vegetables, and sometimes beans. Most paella chefs use calasparra[2][3] or bomba[3] rices for this dish. Other key ingredients include saffron and olive oil.

When the food came,
It looked great.
It had yellow rice,
Yellow as in,
Not pineapple rice but,
Soft and sticky and heavily olive-garnished rice.
Along with Red Pepper,
Yes omg PEAS,
And of course my Escargots which were not seasoned and are plain over-sized Escargots.
The rice was so bad,
Alright maybe I shouldn't say it's bad.
It's a classy restaurant for something,
Maybe it just wasn't up to our tastes.
We just had to force it down our throats,
I nearly finished it,
DaoShen couldn't with a lot left,
But JianZhi finished the whole thing what the heck.
JonThor was happily mocking us on the waste of food,
Till I gave him a little bit to try.
The cringed look he gave was priceless.
I don't think the restaurant is bad at all.
To be frank I'd come again to give it another shot after some research,
It was only tough luck to randomly pick something that wasn't suited for our taste buds that's all.
The Rosti with Sour Cream that the girls bought was exceptionally good!
The Pizzas looked appetizing as well,
But not filling cause of it's lack of thickness.
The way of ordering food was unique as well.
Over-the-counter order,
They give you a black circular thing that sounds when your food is ready.
Cash spent will be stored in over a card to pay upon exit!

Went for dessert after that,
Along the way TheJons left.
Was craving so much for something to cover the taste lingering inside my mouth,
Had Grass Jelly in Vanilla Cream & Ice Cream.
First time eatin',
First time lovin'.
Will look forward to bringing my girl there one day!
ChuaNa joined us in a while!
Had a long talk about my life experiences,
But well,
If there's anything my life experience will tell to others,
I'd be more than happy to pass it down to anyone!
Maybe one day I can write a biography,
Worldwide sales amounting to a billion wooooo.
Alright I'm dreaming,
Too tired LOL.
Had a lot of camwhoring there,
Almost looked like crazy bunch of kids when others stared at us.

Decided to leave for Toa Payoh after.
Train was sooooooooo packed.
(Reminds me of me saving someone from the grasp of the mrt doors!)
Went to buy Grass Jelly Milk Tea from KOI upon reaching,
Christina left us!
Along with DaoShen.
Then everyone went on their separate ways!

- To My Pri.School Friends:
       It's been quite some time since we've met, I missed you peeps! Really brings back lots of memories seeing all your faces! Some changed, Some didn't, but we're still who we are. It's surprising how we're still tied together with a knot despite the different journeys we route. It's really been an enjoyable day out with you peeps. All the laughter, All the talks, All the funny things we do. I know we're friends and it's kinda weird for me to be so formal in this thing, but I felt that I've to say this somehow. People come and go who knows we'll lose someone in an instant. (It's just a figure of speech I don't mean it!) I'm a very straightforward person regarding my thoughts as well so, yeap! I'm happy today, it's been long since I've had such a good time with my old friends! Hope we'll have the chance to experience this unique togetherness we have together in the future, fate will decide! Thanks for the awesome day out  : > .

The road home was unusually quiet and peaceful,
I slowed my pace and started reminiscing.
All the times I spent with her,
I miss them.
Then I looked up at the sky,
I saw a plane,
Flying across with a trail of graceful tailwind,
Slowly disappearing from sight.
I wonder how's she fending out in the faraway land.
How I wish I could be by her side.
Days at home have been rather quiet without her.
I miss her.
I just finished a bit of gaming,
Gonna go get some sleep.
Love the holidays,
The long hours of sleep I get is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,
Alright time to go,
Ciao peeps,
Have a great day ahead!

 P.S I really really miss you, 
          -      A hell lot.

Signing Off.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

#48 - Absence

Makes the heart grow fonder.


4 a.m. now.
Fell asleep for a while on my chair just now,
Woke up to blog.

Life's been rather dull without her around,
Ever since her flight to Germany on the 14th.
Reminds me of the past,
About a certain someone.
Same destination,
Same duration,
Same date.
The past that stuck a knife in my memory pool,
Then pulled it out again.
Now I'm just bleeding it out,
While the traumatizing past continues to haunt me.

Her words are just so invaluable.
The assurances,
The securities,
The love.
No one else is able to give all those.
No one else could make me feel better.
No one else except for her.
And honestly,
It's not enough.
I need this much,
To get it off my thoughts now and then.
But I need so much more,
To erase them all.
I've been telling myself all the time.
She isn't her.
She's nothing like her.
I trust her.
And yes,
I'll be patiently waiting for her return.

15th Dec's Post,

It was the first ever morning,
That I felt such emptiness after her departure.
It was way,
Worse than what I felt during her previous trip.
So many things running through my mind,
I practically gamed the whole day,
Literally 12 hours.
Just to get things off my mind.
Was so relieved to finally hear from her at night after 24 hours from flight time.
Crashed at 5 a.m. ,
Couldn't bring myself to blog due to the lack of energy.



Woke up around afternoon and just laid there,
Thinking about how she's doing.
Got up,
Saw her text.
I was so happy, 
The conversation ended a little abrupt and sudden,
Guess she really needed to go.
It'll be another 2 days without her presence,
Wi-Fi-less hotel.
Played a few ranked games in LoL,
Win 2 Lose 2.
Overall increase so quite okay.
Played till 5 p.m. ,
Prepared and left to meet Jeremy and Giggs at AMK approx 6.30 .
We walked,
From AMK to ChompChomp at Serangoon.
Waited for approx an hour for seats oh my god,
But the meal was worthwhile!
So fullllllllllllllllllllllllll!
After that,
We still walked back to AMK.
Played around here and there,
Been quite a while since I lived childhood again.
Reached home at approx 11,
Was so tired out!
Bathed then continued to play with Giggs!
Meh so tired now,
Gonna head to bed.
Have a great holidays ahead peeps,
Fill it up with the festive season :)!


Hey dear,
Wonder how're you doing now.
Hope you're fine yea?
I'm fine,
I miss you,
As always.
Been hugging doggy for the past few hours,
Can't stop thinking bout ya.
Really hope you'll be back soon,
Will be waiting to hear from you again aye?
Love ya.

Signing Off

Monday, November 26, 2012

#47 - Soon

No pictures today.
Too tired.

Look at the time now,
Wow it's 5:40 am.
Explain later in the post.

Normal school day,
Woke up early today,
School was normal,
Just that I've been sneezing/coughing for x100000 times in school.
Feel so sickly,
Yet I'm still sleeping so late aish..
Got home at 5+pm,
Decided to take a nap at about 6pm.
All the way till close to 9pm.
Woke up and played dota with Giggs and company.

Decided to start on my investment project.
Camped investopedia,
Watched trends,
Bought shares,
I can't describe the experience,
It's fun,
So much anticipation,
Almost like gambling your life.
Okay exaggerating,
Just fun.

So while I was playing and watching my shares,
I finished up my work as well.
Was kinda waiting for my girl as well.
It's the first day I'm getting no news from her.
12 am, nothing,
Went to play.
1 am, nothing,
Went to play.
2 am, nothing,
Went to do other stuff.
3 am, nothing, 
Went to play.
4 am, nothing,
Basically given up,
But since the market closes in an hour's time,
Camped at investopedia with Jeremy and Giggs till 5am.
Was quite relieved to see me shares rise back up,
So yeap,
Organised screenshots,
Updates and stuff of the market,
Then viola!
Here I am now,
Almost zombified.
Really really hope that I can wake up tomorrow morning for class,
She's coming back,
Real soon.
I'm waiting,
As usual.
One long week,
Finally over.
Gotta go to bed now,
Have a great day ahead,

Where were you?
I waited for so long aye..
I do think I deserve an explanation,
Not in a bad way but,
Yea just an explanation.
I was so worried,
That something might have happened to you.
Hope everything's fine yea.
I'm so tired right now aish,
Hope you understand how much our night convos mean to me.
You're coming back soon,
Like finally.
Please let tomorrow night be a smooth one alright?
I'm going to bed now,
I really hope,
I get some kind of compensation tomorrow morning.
Nights dear,
Sweet dreams.
With big hugs and kisses, mua.
I love you,
And I really miss you.

Signing Off.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

#46 - Inner Peace

I wish.


I. Need. To. Find.
Inner Peace.

Nothing much to blog about,
I just want to sleep.

Spent one whole day at Sec School clique friend's place.
Finished some work there and played LoL the whole day.
Ranked games,
Kept matching me up with stupid teammates.
So sososososososo IRRITATING.
I've always outperformed in games,
And yet I get what I don't deserve?
It's like,
Having a tag that labels you,
But somehow you just got dragged down by luck and people.
It's supposed to show how good you are,
But yet it just shows people otherwise,
And you know that you're framed into it.
You don't deserve it at all.
It's just so,
Frustrating and irritating.
I really really,
Don't know how to put this feeling into words.
All I know is,
I can really, 
Punch the wall.
If I were to be invited to punch one,
Rest assured,
Consider it done.


Alright sorry,
Felt much better ranting it here.
Just done with my work I'm supposed to do,
Time to respond to my 2nd wife's call and seduction,
Mah beddddddddddddddddd.
Nights peeps,
Monday blues? 

Hey girl,
Sorry I lost it.
But yeah,
If you were to do that I'd just,
Felt that I'm looked down upon.
You don't deserve it as well,
Just let a man fight for his own pride alright?
Rather than helping him like this,
Why not help him by giving him support?
He'd feel really really bad if you did that,
Of course if you're here with me I'll play with you,
But when you're not around I'll just play alone casually.
It's stupid to quarrel over this,
Game of a bitch.
I shrugged you off to avoid further arguments.
You're overseas,
All the more I don't want to quarrel with you.
Hope I still get a note from you in the morning aye.
Didn't do this properly just now but,
Nights dear sweet dreams,
With big hugs and kisses,
Mua, I miss you.
I'll be waiting ya,
Love you.

Signing Off.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

#45 - Why!?

Fall asleep in my arms once again.


Stupid ranked games ): .
Lost 2, Won 2, then Lost 2 again.
I've never performed badly in all the games,
Just mistakes from teamates.
Most of the time, 
It's just being matched up with idiots.
I'll be playing ranked a lot I guess.
Really can't stand to see myself on a 11xx elo level.
I really really don't deserve it.
My performances were splendid and yet I lose again and again,
Because of stupid match-ups.
Fuck this,
Need to get some rest.

Going to sec school clique's place later on,
Hope I can get some work done.
Gonna play ranked again and again.

Woke up at 1 plus,
Played 2 games and lost.
Then met up with Giggs and Jeremy at 4.40pm at Yck.
Went to NYP,
But guess what?
No facilities were opened.
So we didn't get to submit our work.
Oh well.
[When I got home the fucking HeuCampus can fucking log in]
In the end,
We went to AMK Hub for pepper lunch,
Then went to Raiders to play and play and play.
Till 9,
Totally exhausted.
On the train back with Jeremy,
We saw a crazy, like literally crazy young man.
Pretending to talk on the phone everytime the train reaches a station,
Running from carriage to carriage,
Spinning rounds around the pole,
Laughing like 'EHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE' with a witchy tune,
Dancing to himself in front of the door's reflection,
Pole dance in the middle of the carriage.
Literally laughed my ass off.
So funny omg.
Alighted and got myself a Honey Glazed Chicken Sandwich from cheers.
Must admit,
It was quite worth the $3.

Got home, 
Played and won 2.
Then my girl came online,
Talked and talked till 2+.
Then I decided to play again,
After losing 1,
I put my hopes on a second game to ease the uneasy feeling I was having.
I lost another,
Now I'm supposed to sleep with this,
Just very erm,
'Gao Wey' you know?
Shall head to bed before she kills me for sleeping late.

Nights world,
Hope you guys won't be so unlucky as I am.
Enjoy the last day of the weekend,

Felt really happy talking to you,
And seeing you.
Was pretty heartwarming.
Have a good rest aye,
I'll miss you qt.
Will be waiting for your news tomorrow morning,
Love ya.

Signing Off.