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Saturday, August 11, 2012

#32 - Chapter 2



It's been a very enjoyable date out with you today.
Although it's a little funny how we spent our monthsary together but it's cute!
Prata for monthsary lunch,
6 hours of cip together,
(Well that's for you, but we had fun during the last 2 hours plus together hehe)

I hope my surprises to you were special aye?
Hehe hope you love the cupcakes and my birthday song :3
I promise to take good care of our photo diary as well hehe,
Shall go to update it later :3
Hope I made your birthday memorable dear,
I promised I would didn't I?
Hehe that's not all yet dear,
I'll give you more on your actual birthday!

Today's a really,
Happy day for me and hopefully to you too dear!
Remember what I told you yesterday over the cam alrighty?
It's my first time doing that :x
And remember everything we did today hehehe.

A few things I would like to say to you again.

I'll be there for you dear,
I'll be here when you need me,
Even under unforeseen circumstances,
I'll still be there eventually.
I'll be supporting you aye?
If you need help I'm always available for your service.
I'll take good care of you,
I'll make occasions that meant little to you become special with me.
I'd keep the ball rolling,
Keep the good things coming,
It'll never stop!
Remember what we said to each other alright,
As time passes,
We'll be happier together as we understand each other more!
I love you dear,
You know it.
"You're mine, I'm yours, We're stuck to each other and no one can do anything about it"
This phrase meant a lot to me honey,
I still bring it along with me.
I'll do whatever it takes to make you happy.
Once again,
I love you
Happy 2nd month baby

Yep. <3

People tell me I'm blinded,
I tell them that my heart hears your heartbeat.

Again please!

You mean the whole fuckin' world to me.

I love you.

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