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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

#50 - Awaiting

"Where are you going?
You belong with me!"


What a day!
Day full of ups and downs.
I'm patiently awaiting for her return,
On the day of a lonely christmas.
Like a snowflake,
Longing to touch the hearts of a wishful child,
From as far from the skies,
Slow but surely,
Drifting down into reach.
I'm patiently waiting.

Been gaming the whole day with peeps,
Lots of League and a little bit of Dota2.
Just can't describe how determination wins the game.
We may feel pretty down when we lose,
But the happiness you get when you win is just tremendous.
But it's still based on luck on who you meet.
Some people are just purely dumb,
Or simply stand-alone,
Accompanied with "world-class" attitude.
In the end,
You just need to fend for yourself,
Just like the real world.
So many kinds of people we meet,
Yet what we're all going through today,
Right here right now,
Is only for ourselves.
The world,
Or rather,
Life isn't about money.
The only reason why I see a clear line between the rich and the poor,
Is the inability to understand each other.
The rich will never be able to experience what the poor does,
Unless there are unforseen circumstances.
The poor will also,
Never be able to experience what the poor does,
Unless they work themselves to the limit and strive for their own goals.
I want to be rich,
Everybody loves money.
I do not detest being in a "not well-off" family,
I'm rather grateful.
The childhood and youth of being in this family,
Taught me things that I can bring forward to my future.
I'd never,
Become a spendthrift even when I succeed in my career in the future.
But in the end,
Who's to say?
No one can foresee the future,
Who know what might happen.?

Alright enough of dry talk.
Had marble cakes and tiramisu for my late lunch,
Played and played and played till approx 1 to 2 am,
Then started watching anime while waiting for girly to text me from Germany.
Gonna go to Giggs's place tomorrow!
Wonder how many of us will turn up.
Oh well,
Time to hit the rags and text someone who showed up so late!
I missed her,
A lot.
Time to get to bed,
I think I caught a cold too,
12 sneezes in a row,
Record breaking for myself.
Nighty nights peeps,
Cherish your days,
Because you'll never know what's installed for you,
Good or bad,
Life is like that,
Live it,
Or die in vain.

Signing Off.

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