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Sunday, December 16, 2012

#48 - Absence

Makes the heart grow fonder.


4 a.m. now.
Fell asleep for a while on my chair just now,
Woke up to blog.

Life's been rather dull without her around,
Ever since her flight to Germany on the 14th.
Reminds me of the past,
About a certain someone.
Same destination,
Same duration,
Same date.
The past that stuck a knife in my memory pool,
Then pulled it out again.
Now I'm just bleeding it out,
While the traumatizing past continues to haunt me.

Her words are just so invaluable.
The assurances,
The securities,
The love.
No one else is able to give all those.
No one else could make me feel better.
No one else except for her.
And honestly,
It's not enough.
I need this much,
To get it off my thoughts now and then.
But I need so much more,
To erase them all.
I've been telling myself all the time.
She isn't her.
She's nothing like her.
I trust her.
And yes,
I'll be patiently waiting for her return.

15th Dec's Post,

It was the first ever morning,
That I felt such emptiness after her departure.
It was way,
Worse than what I felt during her previous trip.
So many things running through my mind,
I practically gamed the whole day,
Literally 12 hours.
Just to get things off my mind.
Was so relieved to finally hear from her at night after 24 hours from flight time.
Crashed at 5 a.m. ,
Couldn't bring myself to blog due to the lack of energy.



Woke up around afternoon and just laid there,
Thinking about how she's doing.
Got up,
Saw her text.
I was so happy, 
The conversation ended a little abrupt and sudden,
Guess she really needed to go.
It'll be another 2 days without her presence,
Wi-Fi-less hotel.
Played a few ranked games in LoL,
Win 2 Lose 2.
Overall increase so quite okay.
Played till 5 p.m. ,
Prepared and left to meet Jeremy and Giggs at AMK approx 6.30 .
We walked,
From AMK to ChompChomp at Serangoon.
Waited for approx an hour for seats oh my god,
But the meal was worthwhile!
So fullllllllllllllllllllllllll!
After that,
We still walked back to AMK.
Played around here and there,
Been quite a while since I lived childhood again.
Reached home at approx 11,
Was so tired out!
Bathed then continued to play with Giggs!
Meh so tired now,
Gonna head to bed.
Have a great holidays ahead peeps,
Fill it up with the festive season :)!


Hey dear,
Wonder how're you doing now.
Hope you're fine yea?
I'm fine,
I miss you,
As always.
Been hugging doggy for the past few hours,
Can't stop thinking bout ya.
Really hope you'll be back soon,
Will be waiting to hear from you again aye?
Love ya.

Signing Off

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