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Monday, November 26, 2012

#47 - Soon

No pictures today.
Too tired.

Look at the time now,
Wow it's 5:40 am.
Explain later in the post.

Normal school day,
Woke up early today,
School was normal,
Just that I've been sneezing/coughing for x100000 times in school.
Feel so sickly,
Yet I'm still sleeping so late aish..
Got home at 5+pm,
Decided to take a nap at about 6pm.
All the way till close to 9pm.
Woke up and played dota with Giggs and company.

Decided to start on my investment project.
Camped investopedia,
Watched trends,
Bought shares,
I can't describe the experience,
It's fun,
So much anticipation,
Almost like gambling your life.
Okay exaggerating,
Just fun.

So while I was playing and watching my shares,
I finished up my work as well.
Was kinda waiting for my girl as well.
It's the first day I'm getting no news from her.
12 am, nothing,
Went to play.
1 am, nothing,
Went to play.
2 am, nothing,
Went to do other stuff.
3 am, nothing, 
Went to play.
4 am, nothing,
Basically given up,
But since the market closes in an hour's time,
Camped at investopedia with Jeremy and Giggs till 5am.
Was quite relieved to see me shares rise back up,
So yeap,
Organised screenshots,
Updates and stuff of the market,
Then viola!
Here I am now,
Almost zombified.
Really really hope that I can wake up tomorrow morning for class,
She's coming back,
Real soon.
I'm waiting,
As usual.
One long week,
Finally over.
Gotta go to bed now,
Have a great day ahead,

Where were you?
I waited for so long aye..
I do think I deserve an explanation,
Not in a bad way but,
Yea just an explanation.
I was so worried,
That something might have happened to you.
Hope everything's fine yea.
I'm so tired right now aish,
Hope you understand how much our night convos mean to me.
You're coming back soon,
Like finally.
Please let tomorrow night be a smooth one alright?
I'm going to bed now,
I really hope,
I get some kind of compensation tomorrow morning.
Nights dear,
Sweet dreams.
With big hugs and kisses, mua.
I love you,
And I really miss you.

Signing Off.

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