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Saturday, November 24, 2012

#45 - Why!?

Fall asleep in my arms once again.


Stupid ranked games ): .
Lost 2, Won 2, then Lost 2 again.
I've never performed badly in all the games,
Just mistakes from teamates.
Most of the time, 
It's just being matched up with idiots.
I'll be playing ranked a lot I guess.
Really can't stand to see myself on a 11xx elo level.
I really really don't deserve it.
My performances were splendid and yet I lose again and again,
Because of stupid match-ups.
Fuck this,
Need to get some rest.

Going to sec school clique's place later on,
Hope I can get some work done.
Gonna play ranked again and again.

Woke up at 1 plus,
Played 2 games and lost.
Then met up with Giggs and Jeremy at 4.40pm at Yck.
Went to NYP,
But guess what?
No facilities were opened.
So we didn't get to submit our work.
Oh well.
[When I got home the fucking HeuCampus can fucking log in]
In the end,
We went to AMK Hub for pepper lunch,
Then went to Raiders to play and play and play.
Till 9,
Totally exhausted.
On the train back with Jeremy,
We saw a crazy, like literally crazy young man.
Pretending to talk on the phone everytime the train reaches a station,
Running from carriage to carriage,
Spinning rounds around the pole,
Laughing like 'EHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE' with a witchy tune,
Dancing to himself in front of the door's reflection,
Pole dance in the middle of the carriage.
Literally laughed my ass off.
So funny omg.
Alighted and got myself a Honey Glazed Chicken Sandwich from cheers.
Must admit,
It was quite worth the $3.

Got home, 
Played and won 2.
Then my girl came online,
Talked and talked till 2+.
Then I decided to play again,
After losing 1,
I put my hopes on a second game to ease the uneasy feeling I was having.
I lost another,
Now I'm supposed to sleep with this,
Just very erm,
'Gao Wey' you know?
Shall head to bed before she kills me for sleeping late.

Nights world,
Hope you guys won't be so unlucky as I am.
Enjoy the last day of the weekend,

Felt really happy talking to you,
And seeing you.
Was pretty heartwarming.
Have a good rest aye,
I'll miss you qt.
Will be waiting for your news tomorrow morning,
Love ya.

Signing Off.

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