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Sunday, November 25, 2012

#46 - Inner Peace

I wish.


I. Need. To. Find.
Inner Peace.

Nothing much to blog about,
I just want to sleep.

Spent one whole day at Sec School clique friend's place.
Finished some work there and played LoL the whole day.
Ranked games,
Kept matching me up with stupid teammates.
So sososososososo IRRITATING.
I've always outperformed in games,
And yet I get what I don't deserve?
It's like,
Having a tag that labels you,
But somehow you just got dragged down by luck and people.
It's supposed to show how good you are,
But yet it just shows people otherwise,
And you know that you're framed into it.
You don't deserve it at all.
It's just so,
Frustrating and irritating.
I really really,
Don't know how to put this feeling into words.
All I know is,
I can really, 
Punch the wall.
If I were to be invited to punch one,
Rest assured,
Consider it done.


Alright sorry,
Felt much better ranting it here.
Just done with my work I'm supposed to do,
Time to respond to my 2nd wife's call and seduction,
Mah beddddddddddddddddd.
Nights peeps,
Monday blues? 

Hey girl,
Sorry I lost it.
But yeah,
If you were to do that I'd just,
Felt that I'm looked down upon.
You don't deserve it as well,
Just let a man fight for his own pride alright?
Rather than helping him like this,
Why not help him by giving him support?
He'd feel really really bad if you did that,
Of course if you're here with me I'll play with you,
But when you're not around I'll just play alone casually.
It's stupid to quarrel over this,
Game of a bitch.
I shrugged you off to avoid further arguments.
You're overseas,
All the more I don't want to quarrel with you.
Hope I still get a note from you in the morning aye.
Didn't do this properly just now but,
Nights dear sweet dreams,
With big hugs and kisses,
Mua, I miss you.
I'll be waiting ya,
Love you.

Signing Off.

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