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Monday, June 25, 2012

#10 - I'll Change

 Yep, there.

Woke up in the morning at 6:50 a.m to her voice again,
felt soooooooooooooo blissful.
Chatted till about 7:20 till I gotta prepare myself for school,
yes, the all-time dreaded school.
Felt funny seeing all the faces i usually see on the way to school aha!

Had a test on first period,
it went well.
Very satisfied on how I've done for it!
Totally slacken off during the practical after that,
really had no mood to do it at all,
especially when the holiday mood is still lingering inside of me.

Lunch time at 1 p.m,
was already half-dead starving at that time.
Talked to my girl for a while before her class started too!
Felt good sitting down with my clique and joking around,
really missed those times before the holidays!
Good grief we're back!
I know you guys are seeing this,
You guys mean a lot to me ok! 
I'll stay as the cheerful me no matter what,
just to keep the spirits up around you people!
If you have problems you can always come to me as well ok!
What are friends for :D.

Ended school after my 1622 module lecture,
it's like,
the first ever time I didn't fall asleep during that lecture,
felt a sense of achievement LOL.
Dear sent me a text that really moved me,
it really washed off the dull and tired mood I was having.
Loved it.

Went home and played a game before having dinner,
and yes,
dinner sucked.
Hate cauliflowers ): .
Had a really looooooooooooong shower,
totally drained for the day.
Played a few more games,
and completed my work! 

For now, 
I'm just waiting for my her to get back on the call.
Guessing she's afk cause it's so quiet O.O .
Off to bed sooooooooooooooooooooon ! 
Oh she's back, 
heard the door shutting!
another day of school tomorrow.
Good luck to all! 

I really appreciate all those sweet messages dear,
Loved them dearly,
And love you too.

I would change whatever you don't like about me,
Just tell me and give me some time,
I'll change,
For you.

Signing Off.

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