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Thursday, June 21, 2012

#2 - Useless

The day's been rather, indescribable, I guess.

Morning was greeted warmly with her smile.
Been a great deal of misses since I've seen her left in that carriage,
and there's bound to be more of it in the upcoming days.
The happiness I feel due to her presence is, priceless.

Practically stayed at home today, well, so to speak ''yesterday''.
It's 2:19 a.m. now, early, huh?
Haven't gotten any work done, 
Well, 'Touched' to be exact.
I wouldn't say I've wasted my holidays,
cause it was really a good time to get settled and prepared.

What have I been doing?
Yes, League of Legends.
Which I found out to be the one causing the mood changes most of the time.
I had well, quite a number of bad games today..
Really bad..
Yep, and that turned my warm morning into a,
Dull & Frustrated one.

Firstly, I'm very, no .. Utterly disappointed in myself.
For letting my emotions get ruled over,
by a game.

Secondly, due to that, I've affected the feelings of others.
Yes, it sucks, I deserve a slap for that.

Thirdly, I haven't had anything else, except for my brunch.
Which kinda explains why I'm kinda grumpy.

Fourthly, my migraine's been acting up. 
Today's was one of the major ones.
It feels as if something just struck my head,
Inside out.
I literally twitched as it came up suddenly, just like that.
Still hurting now though, 

Lastly, I know I've affected her one way or the other.
Apologies doesn't seem to be legit,
what's done is done.
No matter how down she feels,
She'd try to put on a smile and says she's fine.
I've always believed in my own instincts.
Furthermore she's my girl,
I know when she needs me.

I'm sorry babe.
I'll make you feel better, 
It's a promise,
I Love You.

She's playing a game without me now,
Hope everything goes well for her.
Just had a quick shower to drown off some thoughts,
Really refreshing.
With a cup of coffee to come after as well.
Guess I'm going to rest a little more,
Head's beatin'.

If only, I could wish upon a star.
For everything to be better,
And for me to be right there beside you,

Signing Off.

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