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Friday, June 29, 2012

#15 - This and that.

feeling like this right now.

Mind too screwed up to blog anything tonight,
sorry peeps.
The shag-ness taking it's toll on me.
Still have to go for CHS Homecoming tmr at 8,
Alright off I go,
sorry bout yesterday!
I blasted somehow,
but I'm fine now.

P.S I'm just afraid things might happen when I'm asleep.
       I'm just afraid I'm asleep when you need me most.
       I'm just afraid other people takes my place when you needed someone to talk to.
       I'm just afraid of this and that.
       But still,
       I just want to wait till your parents sleep.
       I just want to sing a song to you.
       I just want to hear your night farewells.
       I just miss you.
       I just want this and that too.
       I love you darlin'.

Signing Off.

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