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Sunday, July 1, 2012

#16 - 雨过天晴

I'll be the someone,
just for her.

Look at the time now.
It's Youth Day tomorrow yayyyyy,
but I haz no horleedehz.                                    ):
Why oh why.
I'm not tired at all either,
wonder why too.

Failed to blog yesterday night,
awfully sorry for faithful readers.
Things happened,
don't ask me what,
things are back to normal.

It's the start of a new week,
and the start of a new month.
Time flies eh?
Once strangers,
now a clique.
Once carefree,
now a busybee.
Once stressed-free,
now a stressed-up teen. (again)
it's all about work.
We teenagers are stuck in this vicious system.
We know it's killing us,
but we're still doing it,
for what?
For ourselves.
Like my parents told me.
We don't work hard for them,
not for anyone.
We work hard to achieve what we aim for,
what we yearn for.
so that's what I'm going to do,
get through this cycle for fools,
and start a new life!

Went for homecoming at CHS yesterday,
was a pleasant sight!
Seeing the friends I've spent time with two years before,
the teachers I've missed so much,
whom spent so much time on me trying to buck me up,
tolerated so many questions of mine,
and so many attitudes I gave.
I will always remember your hardwork given in to me and the class!
I will not let you guys down! 

Ex. Left - Mr. Daniel Yong (Form teacher)
2nd Left - Wong Hong Song
Middle - Nigel Woon
2nd Right - Me
Ex. Right - Some weird boy photo crashing.
Hell yeah!

It's been a quiet day at home today.
Sprained my ankle,
couldn't really get anywhere.
Somehow it miraculously healed during the night.
Spent the day playing,
finishing my 1623 work :p .
I'm kinda worried for my project work.
Groupmates aren't really listening to me.
I've clearly given them tasks to work on,
but still,
been 4 to 5 days overdue.
I really don't know what to do with them :\ .
They're my friends,
but it's still my grades as well..
I dont't know which to keep,
dilemma much..
So I decided to just..
Lay low and see what happens I guess.
At least I've been trying my best to improve my work,
done some researching,
not a lot though.
Still have room to improve on myself.
Lazy meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I don't feel tired at all,
maybe because it's Youth Day tomorrow.
but still..
Gah ): .
Oh well,
am gonna stop the post hereeeee.
Nights peeps,
Have a great blues ahead! 

Someone's playing Triple Town with her head down,
sheeeeeeeesh I know your hair is nice to look at,
especially with that blue clip of yours :p.

P.S No matter what happens I'll be there for you,
       Alright babe?
       I'm sorry for yesterday,
       It's taken it's toll on me somehow.
       I still feel the pain though,
       But I'm sure just a little more of you,
       I'll be fine alright.

P.S.S I love you, I really do.

                                         Balloons, I promise.

Signing Off.

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