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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

#18 - Stay strong!

Yes, as I said.
Life goes on, 
Friends are there for you.
Take things easy,
It'll be a better day tomorrow.

:) - a BIG smile for all.

This post,
is for ALL you sad pricks out there!
What's wrong with today!
I know it's only 2 days into school week,
but don't be so down alright?
I feel for people,
whenever friends get real sad,
I'm affected in a way too.
That's why I'd give up my own happiness,
just to see everyone smile!
What for show my own sadness,
when it makes other people sad seeing me sad as well.
A mask of joy always do good,
to make other people smile,
so that you'll feel better.

I'm not telling you guys to put on a mask,
it's good to share your problems and talk to someone you feel comfortable with.
Don't be so pessimistic about life,
.. Although I'm quite a pessimist myself.
But I must say,
we live for a reason.
We're young,
don't let these setbacks bring us down to the ground.
Stand back up,
if there's something obstructing you,
All you need is just,
a little tinge of hope,
a little speck of belief,
and full determination to live your life to the fullest!
Cherish what you have now!
Friends and family,
and especially if you have people you Adore,
right to the core.
They play a part in your life,
even if they're a source of your unhappiness,
I'm sure there are TONS of other times where they made you happy.
Don't dwell on the unhappy moments,
think of all the happy times when you're all hyped up.
The happiness,
always meant to be remembered.
Go to school tomorrow,
smack their backs,
joke around,
have a good talk,
tease each other,
laugh at each other,
you never know what's installed for you that'll blow your day away!
Things will be better,
it always does,
it's only a matter of time.
So hang in there alright?

And to those who're facing relationship problems,
do what you think is right.
If they're treating you the way you shouldn't be treated,
then LEAVE them.
I know it's easier said than done,
but at least you know life's gonna be much happier without them.
like I said,
are always there for you.

If you're the one making a mistake,
DO NOT EVER leave your other half alone,
unless they requested for it.
Talk to them,
no matter if they are ignoring you or not.
They'll be reading everything you said.
They'll still feel something,
it's just that you won't know cause they choose not to tell you.
So make them feel LOVED,
make them feel SECURE,
give them the COMFORT that they deserve from only a special someone,
Make sure you try your very,
best not to make the same mistakes again.
Have a good talk after things have settled,
and find out the problems behind everything.
If it's a misunderstanding,
then apologise to one another.
Or you could just turn a blind eye to it.
What matters most is that you both stay happy together.
Let bygones be bygones,
CHERISH what you have now like I've said.
Once they're gone,
you're NEVER,
getting them back again.
Stay strong and FIGHT for that special someone you love.

And remember,
and I say,

I'm saying all these,
because I've found that special someone,
who used to be a total stranger,
but became someone special to me.
I know how it feels to be heartbroken,
I know how it feels to be EXTREMELY happy,
by the little things they do,
they say.
It's always memorable,

I hope my post helped you guys to feel better,
no need for thanks if it did.
I'd appreciate a comment in my tagbox if you don't mind as well.
Stay happy alright? 

:D - Another BIG smile for you guys.

P.S. I love you.

Signing Off.

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