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Thursday, July 5, 2012

#19 - Tired.

I hope this really happens, 
I really need some sleep

I've been a little busy to blog the past few days,
sorry bout that.
This is gonna be just a short post as well,
early day tomorrow.
Manage to finish my work for tomorrow.
There's still a hell load of work due next week.
Weekends gotta get burned man!
Really hoping that the semester would end fast,
I really need that break omg.
Been having migraine a lot lately,
painful painful headaches.

Why don't we have a lot of the things we want?
we get a lot of workload and unnecessary stress.

Oh well,
but at least days aren't that bad with friends around.

And yes,
not to forget a special someone who's making your every single day brighter.

Hope I don't crash and burn with all these work on my shoulders.
I'm turning in soon,
waking up at goddam 6 to 7 tomorrow morning. 
Nights people,
have a great day ahead!
a very great day!

Signing Off.

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