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Thursday, July 12, 2012

#25 - Control.

Always have,
Always maintaining,
Always improving.


In work,
and hella' more things you can think about.

It can be very rewarding despite the pain it drags along.
Perseverance comes into play.
Without it,
you'll just lose control one day.


Lots of work to do,
Lots of deadlines to meet,
Lots of things to think about,
Lots of obstacles to overcome,
Lots of new problems to face,
Lots of stress to relief,
Lots of emotions to deal with,
Lots of desires to hold back,
Lots of feelings to manage,
Lots of "Lots of" you can think about.

Just maybe..
This is part of life we have to go through.
I've told myself to let nature take it's course.
To overcome what's coming at me,
and lay low to stop creating new problems for myself.

Just for today,
After I've seen my classmate cried in class.
I thought to myself,
Is it good to contradict what I feel,
from what I depict myself to be in reality?
I'm fine,
I've always been fine,
in everyone's eyes.
Except for a few,
family, good friends and my precious.
Will there be one day,
just one day.
Everything take's a toll on me,
and I just go crashing down in front of everyone.

I feel,
that I'm lacking something in me.
maybe "lacking" isn't the right word.
I don't have enough of something,
I want to feel more..
I just don't know what it is.
I need a miracle.
I hope everything'll be fine after I wake up from my sleep.
I'll stop here I guess,
sorry for ranting,
guess you've had enough of what I have to say.
Nights peeps,
have a,
great day.

P.S Im sorry,
      Idk why I'm saying it but,
      I just feel a need to.
      And please be honest with your feelings.
      I beg you.

      I love you.

Signing Off.

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