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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

#29 - Happiness

I'm missing you more each time a second passes.
We may be miles apart.
We may not have everyday to spend together physically.
We'll stay strong.
These setbacks are what that made us how we are,
Right here,
Right now.

First thing I'd wish to do when I see you later.
Is to go crazy all over you roar!

In the end.
I'd still quiet down.
Cherishing every moment we have together.
Giving you security.
Letting you feel that you always have someone who'd cherish you.
Gazing into your eyes.
Giving that silly smile.

Then again.
It's always the parting that's the hardest to go through.
The misses kicks in whenever you leave.
Then the cycle restarts.

The longer the time we spend together.
The stronger we become.
(I can safely say I fulfilled most of it up there)
There are so many things I want to do with you.
All I ever want is to be able to spend time with you every single day.
I'll give you my care,
I'll show you what's love,
I won't be a repetition of your past.
I'll write history myself.
A history that you're not afraid of having now.
And the future?
We'd fight every shit that comes to us.
Life's a bitch.
But we'll find a way.

Thank you for those words dear.
I really appreciate everything you did for me as well.
It's already blissful enough to know that I have you aye?
Sorry I haven't been blogging these days.
You know my workload too ): .
I'm so looking forward to later.
I can't explain how much I miss you right now x_x .
It's really overwhelming.
Hope time passes fast alright!
And hope you're excited too!
I love you honey,
You know I do.
Cause we'll always be stuck to each other.
And no one can change anything about that!

Signing Off.

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