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Monday, July 9, 2012

#23 - Farewell

Farewell jie,
I know we haven't been talking quite a lot.
Been busy with alot of things!
Have fun in Paris ya,
take care,
god bless you!
Miss those talks with ya!
Hope to hear some news from you soon!
provided if I'm free ): .
Sincere apologies jiejie!

Once again,
bon voyage and take care!.


Yes dear.
Honey coated words,
Specially made for you,
and only you,
Honey :) !

Won't be blogging much today!
Very tired tired tired,
finally can rest..
Sorry for the scarcity in posts readers,
don't really have time to blog ): .
But rest assured I won't stop pouring my heart out!
Nighty nights~


Signing Off.

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