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Thursday, September 6, 2012

#34 - I wonder

and there's one in there,
that kills you slowly,
from the inside,

I wonder, if it will become a habit one day.
I wonder, if you remember what you said.
I wonder, if you knew that it wasn't the first time.
I wonder, if you knew how curious I am.
I wonder, if you knew I felt insecure.
I wonder, if you think that there isn't a need anymore.
I just wonder, why do that dream pops up from time to time in my head.
Wondering, Stranded, Cravings for answers,
Not words, but actions.

I wonder, if it was a mistake ranting what I really am thinking here.
There is no where else to rant on.

I, just needed to let this out somewhere.
I feel much better now, 
It's sinking back into the bottom of my mind.
One day,
It'll surface again.
Then by that time,
I'll be back here again,
It's a vicious cycle.
Again and again.

But then again.
Maybe I'm just stupid....
Plain stupid.

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