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Monday, September 10, 2012

#37 - Chapter 3

Something for you readers again.
Sparks some memories aye? 

Been quite a normal day today.
I wonder why it doesn't feel like holidays at all.
I mean,
Aren't we supposed to be excited?
We're always dreading school,
Complaining about how we wanted school to end.
Now is the time when we're free,
Like totally.
It just doesn't feel like holidays at all.
I wonder why.

Time flies as well.
It's my 3rd monthsary with my girl when the clock hit 12 not long ago.
Feels like 3 years,
Maybe it's because we don't meet often.
The long distance relationship made our hearts fonder,
Too much.
Time slows down when you don't want it to,
Time flies when you want it to slow down.
What more hoping that time could freeze at the perfect moments?
Along with these,
Is what I think one of the most important thing to do in life.
Be careful about what you say to anybody special to you,
Because who knows,
The next day they might just vanish from existence.
Be happy for what you have,
And cherish.
Appreciate them,
Long for them,
And give them all your best in return.
It's all worth it.

Don't ever, EVER, regret the things you do.
Because when you do, 
It'll all be oh-so-late.

Life isn't always that bad.
How ironic,
Cause honestly I've already given up on life long ago.
Yeah it's my fault I know...
I admit that I don't know how to live life to the fullest.

One things for sure,
As long as I have that special someone in my life,
Life was never bad at all.
Though there might be ups and downs,
We'll still pull through.
We know it.

"Funny how we're mad at each other but we still love"

Yeah funny,
Funny how fate brought us together too.
With so much in common.
And all the coincidental things that happens.
Lots of 'em.

It's half past one in the midst of the night now.
I should be sleeping soon,
Someone would be unhappy if I hadn't haha.
Rest assured I'll go to bed.
I bet you readers know that I'm an owl.
I'm never sleeping early.
Love changes people.
People say love is blind.
I admit I am blinded.
Sight doesn't matter.
I still hear her heart,
Beating for me,
That's all that matters.
Alright time to stop writing haha.
It's nice to have a blog,
It's nice to know that there are so many readers reading this blog as well.
But why are you all so silent?
I have a tagboard for something lol!
Gotta hit the rag.
Have a great day ahead guys!

Happy 3rd Monthsary to you Dear,
I Love You,
                             You know I do. 

Signing Off.

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