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Friday, September 7, 2012

#35 - :)

It feels like the world.

It's a happy,
Very happy day.
I'm not going to let things like this ruin it.
I'll bear it alone,
So as to not worsen anything,
Nor break the happiness still existing in me.

Thanks for the day today,
It was a really productive day,
I hope I helped aye :) .
Movie was great,
Especially when it's with someone you love,
That warm touch when you're freezing,
Those kisses when the cinema is dark.
The embrace while watching a movie together.
All of 'em.
Meals were great,
I really love spending time eating with you.
I like it when we talk,
Heart-to-heart or random thoughts.
It's just so,

I really wish we can see each other,
Every single day.
Maybe not everyday.
Absence makes the heart fonder.
But more often,
I guess ?
We're always so happy,
Around with each other.
Even if either of us were to feel down,
We'll sure be able to cheer each other up.
Maybe in time,
What we really want,
Will be forged in reality,
Rather than living in our minds as fantasies.
Time will solve everything.
But we can't just rely on time,
People often use time,
As an excuse to stop themselves from trying.
With a little tinge of effort everyday,
Things will work out eventually!

I'm just keeping my happy thoughts up now.
Really don't wanna let anything else ruin this.
It's always so long,
Waiting for the time to be able to see you.
I will cherish those days.
I hope you do too :) .

You bet.


Something for you readers!

Had an awesome day at Kallang Leisure Park!
Although no ice-skating was involved,
It was planned initially,
But yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh,
Something cropped up and we had to cancel.
Spent practically the whole day over there with my girl!
I was freezing the whole day though,
Feel so lucky to have her warmth around me.

And yeah,
I'm gonna be blogging again.
Have lots of free time now.
Life was really hectic before my exams passed.
Kinda worried about my results too.
Guess what's over is over.
No point pondering.
Fuck Yeah !
Enjoy the crap out of it!
I'm gonna start working soon too,
Needa save up for some things in the future I guess.
And maybe for some 'wants' of mine!
Helping her with her work now,
I'm guessing I'll be heading to bed prettyyyyyyyyy soon.
I guess I'll stop here.
Nights y'all zombies!
Have a great holiday!

P.S. Jiayou on your work dear, laogong's here fer' ya! :D
Signing Off.

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