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Friday, September 14, 2012


- Roar I'm here to eat 'cha!
- Noooooooooo!

Didn't feel like blogging for the past few days,
Maybe cause I hadn't had anything to talk about I guess.
It's rare for me to blog in the morning,
Cause I know I'll fail blogging at night for whatever reason that I do not know.
One thing's for sure,
The bed's always seductive.

Kinda starving right now.
Didn't had any dinner yesterday,
My last meal was 10 or 11 a.m. ?
Apparently I didn't had any appetite to eat.
Then when I got hungry there was no food to eat,
And I was lazy to cook.
Soooooooooooo oh well.
Will get down to buy some food when my girl goes for her lunch.

Really bored.
Reallyreallyreallyreally boring holidays.
I wish I had a job.
Too lazy to find one.
Maybe I'll start working out at home.
I'm fat.
No one likes fat people.
That's society.
Okay maybe I'm stereotyping too much,
Most* of the people don't like fat people.
No offence to people who're a little here and there.
Just remember that,
A true friend will never leave you when you're ugly on the outside.
If you're really nice,
Those extra weight serves as more protection for that golden heart of yours.
(Some are total jerks and bitches I know, doesn't apply to them)
I think a girl would be proud to have a fit boyf to walk with them on the streets.
I know some might not mind but,
It'll be a bonus.
I'll try my best,
I know that I'll easily give up when it comes to working out haha.

Sometimes I wonder if it's our mom's nature,
To come and fuel the fire with oil,
When you're already upset about something.
It always happens.
Unless you make it really obvious that you're upset,
Then they'll choose not to bug you.
Well I'll put up with it,
Even though I use those tones against her at times,
I know that she meant well.
Alright I'm not going to write about what's upsetting me.
Since I'm almost there to being fine again.
Don't wanna spark any thoughts.
Plus I'm quite tired of reiterating certain stuffs over and over.
It's okay,
I know what to do for it to not happen again.

I'm gonna stop here I guess.
I may or may not put up another post in the night.
We'll see!
Have a great weekend ahead readers!
Thank you for the time.
And I finally got my first tag from a complete stranger LOL!
I'm hitting 2000 pageviews as well,
I don't know if that's a lot or little but,
I feel a sense of accomplishment haha!
Goodbye peeps!


Signing Off.

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