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Thursday, November 22, 2012

#43 - Relief



Yes yes yes, it's 4:45am now.
Who on earth stays up till this unholy hour on a school day.
Been procrastinating a lot,
But at least I tell myself that I won't sleep till I get my work done!
Yep, it's done.
It was haaaaaaaaaaaaaaard.
Played a bit today.
Totally met a bunch of idiots in LoL.
Luckily Giggs and company was there to win in DotA.
Nothing much today as well,
Just another ordinary day.
Keeping this short and sweet because I'm dead beat.

It's the 3rd day without you.
It ain't good feeling this at all.
I miss you so much, aish.
Thank you for the text just now.
I'm so so so relieved,
That that was the one text,
That made me felt a lot better.
Please please please,
Do mean what you say alright?
Promise me that you'll remember what you say aye?
It's been only a short while we seen each other on Skype,
But it was enough to make me happy inside.
Hope time will pass faster,
I really can't take this for long.
I need you,
Like, With me.
Aye :\ .
Sorry for the short post,
Really really tired it's close to 5am now.
I'll catch you later alright.
Take care of yourself.
I hope you mean what you say.

Nights peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeps,

Signing Off.

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