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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

#41 - Distance

A lot,
A lot,
A hell lot.


It's the first day without you,
And it's already hurting so bad.

I'm tired,
It's 4.30 a.m. here.
Just finished perfecting my programming project function not long ago.
Kinda slacked,
But don't worry I'll be napping to catch up with my sleep later on.
Open House meeting at 3pm later,
Hope it's not going to end too late.
And really hope that I can wake up on time,
Which I haven't been doing the past 2 days.

It's nice hearing from you again..
The best part is, 
I get to see you and hear your voice too.
It's just,
So heartwarming.
Although there's just a little friction,
But yeah,
Good things over the bad,
It felt really soothing just looking at you.
I hope you mean what you said alright?
It's very assuring to hear a firm "I remember them all!" from you.
As cute as ever,
Though seeming a little lethargic.
That's my girl.
Grab some rest ya,
It's been a long day for you.
Bet you're having hard times without me as well,
But don't worry aye. 
Time'll pass.
Thought it might be painful,
But yeah,
We'll be back to each others' arms.

`- Time will keep ticking,
    but remember your heart will keep beating. 
    Distance is but a deception.
    Your heart knows it all. -`

Yeap I'm waiting for you.

Today hasn't been much.
Just an ordinary school day I suppose,
With a pinch of tiredness and a handful of solemn.
Just can't get used to not having you here for me.
Everytime I check my phone,
There's nothing.
Then the sheer realisation of you away from my grasp,
Kicks in, 
Time and again.
I guess I'll just have to get used to it uh.
I miss your morning calls,
And your night texts.
I miss seeing you.
I miss everything about you.
Please come back to me quickly,
Will ya?

Take care alright,
Be careful.

I guess I'll stop here,
Getting really tired.
Really hope I can wake up later.
Thank you for that email too dear,
Will be expecting more from you.
And of course,
I'll be waiting for your news.

Nights and sweet dreams,
With big hugs and kisses,
I love you.
I Really Do.


Signing Off.

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