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Friday, November 23, 2012

#44 - ill

I need,
Lots of it.


Alright gotta keep this short,
It's 5am.

The day started out bad.
Woke up dizzy, cold, and aching in the head.
Couldn't get myself off the bed,
Cause I know I'd collapse if I did.
So I slept back, and basically skipped the first 2 hours of Econs lecture.

Special thanks to Zoe,
Who bothered to wake me up,
And got me food still for class.
Really a big THANK YOU zeh.
I owe you one.

Rushed out of house and reached school at 11:11am.
Ate plain waffles in the class,
Was feeling really really sick by then.
Lesson was dry,
And 101% boring.
Usually the class would be fun and lively,
Maybe it's because I'm down with this illness that I asked for.
Have not been sleeping properly lately,
Really regretted it.

Got home, 
Bought plain udon for myself.
Checked a few things up on computer.
Then went to bed at 3:30pm,
Allllllllllllllll the way till 6:30pm.
It was great, real great,
But it wasn't cure my illness aish.

Settled myself down for dinner,
[See dear I'm taking care of myself]
Then started on EPS Presentation slides.
I told myself that,
I wanted my Presentation to be,
I put in a lot of work into it.
Thought I'm distracted by Giggs and company by DotA midway,
But still, I managed to pull out a great PowerPoint.

Kinda vetted by Jeremy,
Thank you too!
You words were encouraging and nice to hear,
But sometimes it's hard to know whether they're true or not.
Cause we're all jokers you know :p.
In any case,
Thanks again!

Rushed out OOP's Practical 5 Question 1,
Gonna meet Giggs and Jeremy in school at 10 later (hopefully),
For breakfast,
Then hand in our practical through HeuCampus.
Really swear I heard that we could submit online.

After all the work being done,
I indulged in gaming.
Lots of it.
With Giggs and company,
Really great peeps to play with.
Lacked self-control though, 
Look at the time now!
Gonna have a long nap again later.
Need to recover and recuperate ASAP.
Been checking stocks and doing lots of research ever since the gaming stopped.
I think it's time to hit the rag.

Cya guys!
Have a great well-deserved rest,
And may your weekend be fruitful.

I'm carrying lots of hope in your words,
Please mean them,
I've had a lot of disappointments lately,
But I still believe in you.
Please mean the things you say alright?
Life without you is,
Cutting me deep.
I'm bleeding everywhere I go.
I miss you a lot.
Please come back to me soon.
I love you.
Take care.

Signing Off.

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